The Author

I am a 24 year old biological anthropology graduate student. I generally prefer not to be anonymous, but given the precarious position that non-tenured academics (and especially grad students) are in, I have decided to temporarily operate under an alias. Littlefoot is the name of one of my cats. You can see him in a picture below. I am very active on twitter and have a Patreon account which you can find under the username @LTF_01. I also blog at Medium.

As an anthropologist, I have a broad curiosity in the nature of human behavior which can be summed up in my three disparate interests:

  1. Research in the perceptual sciences and bioacoustics. I have taken an integrative approach between neuroscience, philosophy, and anthropology in addressing my primary research questions which span ecology, experimental archaeology, and linguistics.
  2. The anthropological approach of mid-20th century neoevolutionists, such as Leslie Alvin White, and reassessing its validity it by integrating it with the metabolic theory of ecology (MTE). I am fascinated by ramping complexity in the story of human history and the general systems which allow or prohibit it.
  3. Finally, I have an interest in the evolution of cultural traits and technological adoption which I have recently been eager in exploring within the framework of historical population movements and shifts in demography.
My cats, Lyra (L) and Littlefoot (R)