The Author

I am a 27 year old PhD student in the department of Cognitive and Information Sciences at UC Merced. I generally prefer not to be anonymous, but given the precarious position that non-tenured academics (and especially grad students) are in, I have decided to temporarily operate under an alias. It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out who I am, though. Littlefoot is the name of one of my cats. You can see him in a picture below.

As an anthropologist, I have a broad curiosity in the nature of human behavior which can be summed up in my three disparate interests:

  1. Research in the fields of cultural evolution and, more sparingly, evolutionary biology on the evolution of evolvability, otherwise known as “radical innovation,” in cultural systems. I approach these questions from a modeling and cliodynamic standpoint asking primarily what are the causes of radical innovations or the warning signs they are approaching?
  2. Research in evolutionary psychology and primatology from the approach of the perceptual sciences and bioacoustics. I have taken an integrative approach between neuroscience, philosophy, and cross-cultural anthropology in addressing my primary research questions which span ecology, experimental archaeology, and linguistics.
  3. Finally, I have a broader interest in narrowing down the concept of “modularity” as it pertains to human mental adaptations, especially as it pertains to its use (and disuse) in evolutionary psychology which I address using traditional philosophical methods along with modeling of network structures.
My cats, Lyra (L) and Littlefoot (R)
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