Every once in a while I publish articles and essays at places other than here. You can find them in a list below.

6/18: The Selfish Nature of Human Cooperation
11/18: Alice Dreger’s Middle Finger – Sex Gender, and Unhelpful Hair-Splitting
1/19: “Is Science Racist?” Book Review.
5/19: There’s Little Reason to Worry About the SAT’s New Adversity Score
3/20: Freeman Dyson in Memoriam

Skeptic Magazine:
2019/24.3: The Enigma of Stephen Jay Gould

Lapsus Lima:
10/19: Joker Age of Discord

6/18: The Dangers of Dugin’s Particularism
6/20: Driver’s License Suspensions and Fees Unfairly Impact the Poor And Are in Need of Reform

11/18: Victa’s Pod
1/19: TeaForTwo with William Buckner
10/19: Andrea with the Bangs
2/20: Agora Politics
3/20: Brown Pundits with Razib Khan
8/20: Agora Politics with Alex Murshak

A picture of a pygmy slow loris, drawn for me by my friend Sarah Dreilich.
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